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Call for Entry: Solo Exhibitions (deadline Sept. 26, 2020)

IN TOTO Virtual is seeking artists with complete bodies of work for solo exhibitions during the fall/winter 2020 season. Application is free and open to all artists and media.

Rules to apply:

1. You must submit at least 10 unique artworks. Video and time based works longer than one minute will be considered as multiple pieces (for example, a 4 minute long video would count as 4 pieces or if you submit one 10+ minute long video, that video alone is enough to submit.)

2. You may choose to submit more than 10 pieces or additional "detail" images of artworks

3. All images must be at least 200 DPI and no less than 1020 pixels on the shortest side.

4. Files should be named using the artwork title. If the file is a detail image, use the artwork title, followed by "detail" and a number. For example you might name your files, "horizon.jpg, horizon_detail_1.jpg, horizon_detail_2.jpg"

5. Files SHOULD NOT contain your name. This is important to the blind selection process. Any submissions containing your name will be rejected.

6. Work must be made in the last 5 years.

7. Provide all artworks you intend to show. Incomplete work will not be accepted.

8. All media and artists are welcome to apply

The following application materials are required:

- Name and contact information

- 10 artworks or 10+ minutes of time based or video work submitted as a ZIP file (see instructions on creating a ZIP file here: https://www.hellotech.com/guide/for/how-to-zip-a-file-mac-windows-pc )

- A PDF "artwork inventory list" containing piece titles, media, dimensions/length (if applicable,) and year of completion. Please name this zip file using the title of your proposed exhibition. For example, "inside_out.zip"

- An artist statement under 500 words (what is the work about, how did you make it, what inspires your style?)

- A short artist bio under 150 words (where are you from, did you receive formal training and if so where, what do you do/enjoy while not making art?)

Apply here:


Please direct all questions to our contact form.

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