Available June 21st 2020 - July 25th 2020

As the Titanic began to sink into the cold Atlantic water, the eight-member band continued to play in the first class lounge in a futile attempt to keep passengers calm. Failure occurs at every level of society and whether it occurs at a personal, institutional, or systemic level can drastically change the longevity and effects of its result. Despite being a topic that is uncomfortable for many, failure is an essential piece of the human experience. Everyone, at some point or another, faces failure and catastrophe. These experiences allow us to react in any number of ways—with absurdity, tenderness, anger, growth, resignation, change, derision, or devastation. Artists are encouraged to explore what it means to fail, how failure can be used as a tool for transformation, or what happens when failure becomes inescapable.

Juried by Tayla Blewitt-Gray



Tayla Blewitt-Gray is an Australian-born artist from Canberra and lives in Bloomington, Indiana. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours form the Australian National University and is currently completing her MFA at Indiana University. Her work predominately uses time-base media,  net-art and printmaking. Within her respective mediums she works with distortion and deterioration to explore themes that include memory, bonds, connections, to a location and loss.


"SonoraV19" by Robert Jarvis

evolving sound piece depicting transmission of COVID-19


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