Meaning “as a whole” the phrase in toto encapsulates the mission of this virtual gallery space.

Operating with no limits to media submitted (beyond the technical limitations of a digital format) IN TOTO Virtual gallery accepts all art forms, from artists of all backgrounds.

This dedication to radical inclusivity creates a space in which exciting work and ideas can take shape, existing within a truly global and equitable community.

To ensure minimal bias in the curation of exhibitions, submissions are free for artists and a judged by a “blind jury” process. Jurors are provided sample images without identifiers such as names, biographies, or artist statements. Once works are selected, all information is in included in the exhibition. This creates a level playing field in which artists of various socioeconomic, cultural, and educational backgrounds are selected by the merit of their works rather than other factors.



Because we do not charge artists and application fee or commission, the maintenance of our website and wages for jurors are generously funded by donors. If you’re interesting in supporting, please click the "donate" button below to donate using PayPal. Unable to donate? You can help us grow us in other ways such as following us on social media, telling your friends to visit our website, and sharing our calls for entry.